You might be interested in finding out your immigration options.  We provide this service at free of charge.  All you need to do is answering all questions provided on our Evaluation Form.  Your evaluation results will be answered in person or over the phone by our fully licensed Consultant.


If your business is struggling with finding the right talents or experiencing labour shortage in the region, we will make an application with Service Canada Temporary Foreign Worker unit on your (employer's) behalf.  If the application receives a positive response, the employer will be allowed to hire temporary foreign workers (in high demand occupations).  Seasonal employers in farming or seafaring businesses are also eligible to apply.

We work with employers from all sectors.

Hospitality (Food and Beverage) - Food counter attendant, Line Cook, Dishwashers, Bussers
Lodging (Hotel / Inns) - Room attendant, property maintenance workers, laundry attendant
Technical - Wood worker (carpenter), metal fabricator or welder, lab technicians, forklift driver
Logistic - Long haul or short haul truck driver (Class 1 driver)
General Labourer: Constructions, Masonry, Industrial manufacturer, industrial processing plants
Heath Care - Registered Nurses (RN), LPN, Personal Support Worker (PSW) and CCA (Continuing Care Assistant)
Nanny / Parent Helper / Senior Care attendant

Please call (902) 407-7383 to inquire.

CLIENT REPRESENTATION  (we act as your authorized council/advocate)

Full client care package:
- Consultation Services (find out your options and the most suitable immigration program)
- Advise on any changes in immigration law, policies, regulations and minister's instructions.
- Research and referral to the proper regulatory body of your trade and assist you with re-certification process shall it be required
- Assistance on language test or exam registration
- High quality and timely submission of your case
- Consultant can do home visit or office visit at free of charge (Halifax area only)
- Secured and timely courier services
- Post-submission consultation and follow-ups with the respected immigration office
- Interviewing tips and mock immigration interview

CONSULTATION SERVICES  (we provide advice, you submit your own application)

We provide Consultancy Services to people who do not require full-service on their applications.  We can help you with interviewing tips, answer some specific questions you might already have in mind, or provide professional opinions on which option could be more beneficial to you. This service is $100 for the first half-hour then $50 thereafter, billed in every half-hour increment.  We provide this service in person or over the telephone.

If you have required this service and initiated immigration processing on your own but decide to hire us as your Representative later on, the fees paid for Consultancy Services will be reimbursed to you.

Consultation Services does NOT cover reviewing the immigration documents that you prepared on your own.  Reviewing immigration documents is time consuming and it requires a full understanding of client's situation and a great attention to details.  In the past, our team of staff spent more time correcting errors, tracking down supplement documents, and filling half-finished forms for the clients who prepared their own submission.

PERMANENT RESIDENT APPLICATION STATUS INQUIRIES (find out the status of your case that's already in processing)

If you already submitted your papers to Immigration Canada or to a local visa office, we can help you obtain the most-up-to-date status on your case and decode the notes made by an Immigration Officer.  You are not obligated to transfer your files to us or hire us as your Authorized Representative (if you already have one). This is a one-time charge service.


We will submit a form to access your immigration information (CAIPS notes or FOSS notes) on client's behalf.  In most cases, clients file are called from Ottawa, ON.  and sometimes your information will be called from the Canadian Embassy or Consulate General of Canada or the High Commission of Canada located in your country of origin (home country).  If overseas files are required, it will result a longer processing time.

Once we receive the result from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, we will provide a general brief feedback as to why your case was refused.  If de-coding is needed, additional costs will involved.


Pricing is reflected based on the amount of paperwork, time involved and previous immigration history, personal background and in some cases, nationalities.  We do not have a general flat rate on each type of application, all Immigration processing are assessed on a case by case basis.

All telephone calls in regards of pricing will only be advised on an approximate estimate of costs.  We do not provide exact pricing or final quote over the phone without a written contract (legal retainer).

In order to receive an exact quote, we need to speak to our clients (preferably in person) and receive the client's personal detail background, prior employment and immigration record, and the client's immigration intent.

FINANCING SERVICES (pay in installments)

Immigration process could be lengthy and costly, we wanted to take some of these burdens off your shoulder.  We provide financing programs for qualified clients.  You must have resided in Canada for at least 18 months and have no history of defunct credit to be eligible.  Contact us for detail.